1. Admin
  • 1. Admin
  • Can do all settings from this Desk.
  • You can delete a booking here.
  • KYC, Vessel, Schedule, Depot, DO Releasor, CFS are set.
  • Control Panel is set up.
  • Port KYC and Surveyoy KYC.
  • NC Report
  • Port wise specific instruction(s) can be set here.
  • Notice
  • (1) Our Quality Objectives
    • (i) Rate File, eCRO, eSign(1), eSign(2), & DO in 15 mins
    • (ii) iService in 15 mins
    • (iii) 'iWant' in 2 mins
  • (2) Do Consignee KYC upon SOP at POL for auto-NOA.
  • (3) Compare presented OBL(s) with uploaded POL OBL(s) or Signatures.
  • (4) Use Quick DO or Online DO
2. KYC
  • 2. KYC
  • Send Booking Party's exact name to Admin
  • Users with name, Cell No, email id
  • Booking Party's shippers with their names & email id(s).
  • Send the details to Admin to create and activate the KYC(s).
  • For India, UAE, & Malaysia addl data and doc(s) are mandatory.
  • Carry out a due diligence to ensure no illegal cargo or entity.
3. Rate File
  • 3. Rate File
  • Customer to negotiate and place rate file request online.
  • Same is approved in 15 mins.
  • Rate approved may not be exactly same as requested.
  • Online rate rqst to include all commercial & special requirements.
  • Example - Cargo, Wts, Freedays, TS, POL, POD, & Frt Terms
  • Rates are approved by a central Admin
  • Rates are auto-renewed every month with minor changes if any.
4. Booking
  • 4. Booking
  • After rate filed, customer can place a draft booking online.
  • Booking to be confirmed and CRO released in 15 mins.
  • DG approval takes less than 48 hrs.
  • MSDS, IIP, & DG Declaration to be uploaded.
  • Flexi Cargo to have LOI and all supporting doc(s)
5. Pre-Advice
  • 5. Pre-Advice
  • Mandatory Pre-advice by customer to plan port entry. (ICDs)
  • Pre-advise is a simple online process. Customer to login and do.
  • Pre-advice to include Seal No(s), Cargo, Weight, & DG data.
  • Pre-advice data is cariied forward to VGM, SI & BL.
  • Load List is prepared from Pre-advices.
6. Port Entry
  • 6. Port Entry
  • Allowed post uploads of Shipping Bill(s), VGM, & DG Declaration.
  • GCT (Gate Close Time) to GOT (Gate Open Time) is the window
  • Request Early entry on iWant subject to port storage.
  • Request Late Entry on iWant. Subject to SSR or Renom charges.
7. Docs
  • 7. Docs
  • BL Lock (SI submission) deadline is asper CRO
  • For Europe follow Doc Cut-Off as per shipping line. Follow CRO.
  • Export Permit (Customs) to be uploaded to get Port Entry.
  • Some ports insist on VGM on shipper's letter head.
  • To upload MSDS, IIP or Flexi doc(s) for each shipper and UN No.
  • Take LOI for Flexi cargo. Can be a one-time LOI from shipper.
  • Additional doc(s) if any, may be uploaded under 'Other Folder'
8. BL
  • 8. BL
  • Shipper to fill blue cells & red cells on BL top. Lock b4 deadline in CRO.
  • RFS BL (After container(s) inside port or on rail) ? Ask from iService !
  • Automatic SOB (EDI from Port) ! Sailing Date comes after that !
  • eSign(1) after Lock BL, Pay, SOB(or RFS), SB or DG doc(s) uploads.
  • Only after eSign(1) by us, you or shipper can print the OBL(s)
  • Shipper can sign & date in blue ink at the bottom, next to the QR code.
  • EconApp. Goto BL. Click camera icon. Click OBL(s) 1 by 1 or all together!
  • Following answers in 'Yes' ? eSign(2) is done automatically in 4 hrs !
    • (1) OBL(s) signed (and/or) dated in blue ?
    • (2) Submitted from EconApp Or uploaded (colour) 24 hrs of printing ?
    • (3) All Payable(s) including iService charges paid ?
    • (4) Alternately, were the OBL(s) signed by our agent(s) ?
9. Bills
  • 9. Bills
  • Proforma Bill(s) are created upon CRO release. Both export & import!
  • Customer Finalises himself. Exchange Rate is as on finalisation date.
  • Can download or mail anyone in PDF.
  • We accept online payments & discourage cheque payments
  • Bank particulars at the bottom of the bill(s)
  • Make payment entry. It's easy & simple.
  • Fill to last decimal ! Exactly as in Cheque or online pay
  • Select Option(1) Partly or in excess or Option(2) Pay Full
  • Red is refundable (Your money) ! Pay or adjust bill(s) with this !
  • Adjust (round-off) small balances to a latest bill !
  • Overdue in red is bad ! Downgrades credibility !